General Assembly in French-speaking Switzerland - 2018

General Assembly for the companies affiliated to our foundation: on the 13th September 2018 in Lausanne at the Olympic Museum

Part 1: General Assembly and presentation of the annual accounts 2017

presented by Mrs. Isabelle Amschwand (Chair of the Collective Foundation Trianon) and Cédric Freidig (Trianon SA)

Part 2: Training Seminar 
presented by the following speakers :

  • Mrs Veronica Weisser, PhD Economist, Financial Analyst and Pension Expert, UBS, "Is investment diversification still the optimal strategy? What are the risks associated with long-term investments?"
  • Interview of Mr Aldo Ferrari, Vice-President of UNIA, President of CIEPP, member of the Ethos Foundation Board, member of the High Supervisory Authority, by Mrs Esther Mamarbachi, "Evolution of society and the social security system? Is everything going to fall apart?"
  • Mr Denis Duboule, Professor of Genetics and Genomics at the University of Geneva "The evolution of longevity? Will we be 150 years old in 2038?"

Panel discussion, Ms Esther Mamarbachi, "Is our political system capable of meeting the societal challenges in order to maintain the standard of living of people subject to the Swiss social security system?"


Olympic Museum
Quai d’Ouchy 1
1006 Lausanne